Who I am

Hey, I’m Dave – it’s nice to meet you! I’m a User Experience Designer and my passion is creating products that make users’ lives better.

Over my career in tech, I’ve worked as a technician, front-end developer, support manager, and now a UX Designer. Those experiences gave me a nuanced understanding of the product life cycle and how to design products that not only meet business goals but delight users too.

I’ve always had an eye towards the user. My first tech job was at the Genius Bar in downtown San Francisco. I learned quickly that most appointments needed less technical know-how and more empathy because users were just confused or unsure about how to use their products. I carry that insight with me today whether I’m designing a user flow or conducting UX research.

Today, I’m a champion for accessibility in product design and development. I believe that is the challenge for our industry to take on, and I strive to make inclusive design a part of every project.

What I do

I work at Sparta Science in cross-functional teams where I own the full design process from scoping to implementation and scaling. I collaborate across teams to create products that serve users while working towards stakeholder vision.

My specialties include:

  • Developing site maps, wireframes and user flows
  • High-fidelity prototypes for user testing
  • Design system creation/maintenance
  • “Just enough” documentation

I’ve written research scripts and interviewed users virtually, and would like to do more of this work. I’m happy to comb through support requests and find nuggets of UX gold.

What I'm working on

Currently, I’m focused on strengthening my UX research muscles to better support design. I’m also eager to experiment with icon design. So far, I’ve taken virtual courses in icon design and several of my designs have been incorporated in the TripIt library. I’m also actively scaling my knowledge of Webflow and Framer.

Working with me

”Thank you Dave for all the fantastic UX work on the iOS Widget.  Your enthusiasm, creativity, and collaborative spirit all make it an absolute pleasure to work with you.  All the work and attention to detail you put in at the beginning of the project set us up for successful execution in the end.  And you've already got a head start on the medium widget which is awesome! Looking forward to working with you on widget additions/enhancements.” - iOS Engineer, TripIt

“Thank you so much for being an amazing partner on all the security and compliance initiatives. You are amazing at rolling with the punches and coming up with creative solutions around the requirements. Thank you for balancing all the curveballs and moving requirements that I throw at you with a smile: whether it is spinning up last min prototypes or quickly designing scrappy user research. You have done such a great job of pushing back on things from a UX standpoint while knowing when to buckle down and commit to requirements. I couldn't navigate this initiative without you.” - Product Manager, TripIt

“Your design concept for User Profile was a big hit with the PMs!  Great work improving user experience on an oft-overlooked (but crucial) corner of the apps.” - Principal Product Designer, TripIt

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